A little bit of history

One of my favourite things about knitting is its links to the past. The women in previous generations of my family were keen knitters, and many of the patterns they used are not only still available, but also still usable.

Given the number of technologies and systems that have fallen in and out of favour even during my lifetime – MiniDiscs, anyone? – that feels like quite a feat.

So today I’ve cast on a pattern originally published by The Canadian Spool Cotton Company in 1942. It’s the Hemlock Ring Doily Throw, turned from a vintage doily into a modern throw by designer Jared Flood. 40 rounds in and it’s knitting up nicely.

SarahLouKnits Hemlock Ring

For the birds

Living and working in the city it’s sometimes easy to forget that the countryside exists. Between the high-rises and the pavements there’s not much space for greenery, beyond the occasional lonely sapling or tuft of grass valiantly emerging through the concrete.

But it’s still there, nature – if you know where to look.

And, of course, if you don’t discount the foragers and scavengers, the much-maligned flying rats that populate the side streets and shopping precincts.

They’re rather handsome if you catch them at the right angle, don’t you think?

SarahLouKnits Friday Photo Pigeon