Starting over

Not long ago I unravelled the first garment I ever knitted. And, much to my surprise, I wasn’t at all sad about it.

The poor ill-fitting cardigan had hung in my wardrobe, unworn and unloved, for the best part of three years. Every now and then I’d feel guilty for not wearing it and try it on again, in the hope that it would have magically changed shape and I’d be thrilled at how great it looked. It never had, and I never was.

So I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do was give the yarn a second chance. I unpicked a loose end and started pulling, and a few hours later I had a large pile of yarn and a strange sense of relief.

Goodbye Peggy Sue… hello Lime Soda. Still a summer cardi with short sleeves and simple patterning, but this time I’ll get it right. And if not? Well, third time’s the charm.

Sarah Lou Knits Lime Soda cardigan


Square eyes

Well, that escalated quickly.

One minute I’m making my first bobble stitch and getting into the swing of treble clusters, the next there are granny squares turning up all over the place – in my purse, on the coffee table, in project bags that were supposed to contain other things entirely…

I’m up to 32 and counting, and given that I was aiming for a baby blanket and not a king-size afghan, it may be time to stop.

Just one more? Oh, go on then.

SarahLouKnits Summer Garden


Pretty in pink

It’s so easy, when choosing yarn, to go for the qualities you want in the finished item, and not the ones you want in a knitting project. This might explain why I have countless abandoned skeins of Kidsilk Haze in my stash, and also how I came to acquire this ball of Andes by Debbie Bliss.

It’s beautiful yarn, it really is – luscious baby alpaca with the gorgeous sheen of silk. But to work with? Oh boy. It’s splitty, slippery and feels ready to felt with the slightest agitation. I’m struggling through a pair of Paula McKeever’s Cafe au Lait Mitts (lace was the wrong choice for this yarn) and counting down the rows until I can knit with something else.

Try on the gorgeously, ridiculously soft half-finished mitts, though, and all is forgiven.

SarahLouKnits Cafe Au Lait