Excuses, excuses

What is it about knitters and making up? We’ll happily spend months on a project, but when it gets to those final few hours of seaming and weaving in ends, out come the excuses. There’s laundry to be done, TV to be watched, forums to be read… and, and, and…

Maybe it’s that when we cast off we feel like we’re done. Project finished! Maybe it’s that making up is fiddly and time-consuming and just not as much fun as knitting. Or maybe, in my case at least, it’s mostly laziness. These socks, for example – I completed them over a year ago.

Stranded Socks

Colourful, aren’t they? I love the pattern. It’s Stranded Socks by Ravelry designer square [ j ] jane, and it’s perfect for using up scraps of sock yarn. But although everything looks ok on the outside, inside they hide a terrible secret.

Monster Socks

Eep. I can hardly bear to look! I was sure I carried the unused yarns down the side, and I didn’t use that many different colours. Where did all those tails even come from? Sigh.

So, my New Year’s resolution for 2016: no more putting off the making up. From now on, weaving in ends starts as soon as I’ve cast off. Probably. Hopefully. Well, I’ll give it a try, anyway.