Off the hook: Summer Garden blanket

This is one well-travelled blanket. My constant commuting companion during the early months of last year, it grew at a ridiculous pace at first, then I realised how much making up I’d have to do and kind of ground to a halt…

But I got there in the end.


I followed Lucy at Attic 24’s tutorial on joining granny squares, which is so well written – really clear and easy to follow. As you’re crocheting rather than sewing the squares together it doesn’t really feel like making up, either, which is always a bonus!

Summer Garden

The blanket is now at its new home with my friends and their baby, and I hope it has lots more travelling to come.


Teatime links

Teatime links

It’s been umbrella weather for what feels like months here, which has been a good excuse (as if I needed one!) to spend lots of time curled up on the sofa with cups of tea. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week…

Planned pooling tutorial from Dayana Knits. I really want to try this! There are a few variegated yarns in my stash that would be good candidates for intentional pooling.

Baby guinea pig crochet pattern by Kati Galusz. Such a sweet project and really quick to make from scraps of stash yarn.

Eden Cottage Yarns are just gorgeous. I’ve got my eye on the Yarnlings, sets of five 5g balls in coordinating colourways that are perfect for stripes or other colourwork.

Kaffe Fassett fragrances. Has anyone tried these? As you’d expect from the master of colour, they look worth buying for the packaging alone.

Yu Kitty on Pinterest. So much kawaii in one place!


Off the needles: Sawley hat

There’s one problem with going on holiday – leaving views like this behind when it’s time to come home:


Just beautiful. I could happily spend all winter playing in the Alpine snow.

Before our trip, the first few weeks of January passed in a blur of back-to-work business, but I managed to squeeze in enough knitting time to make myself a new bobble hat. As soon as I set eyes on ‘Sawley’ in Rachel Coopey’s latest book, I knew I had to make one, and I had just the yarn for it in my stash.

Coop Knits

I have no idea how you pronounce its name (Snail-don? Snarl-dan?), but it’s wonderful. Grippy and warm, and perfect for colourwork.

Knitting Fair Isle to a deadline turned out to be a bad idea – so many tangles! so many mistakes! – and there’s some duplicate stitching to be done to fix the errors, but I’m calling it finished nevertheless:

Sawley hat

It’s lovely and warm, and a little bit big so it keeps the wind out of my ears too. What more could you ask for?