Pattern: Full of Beans

Full of beans 4

It’s coffee time! This cable cosy is designed for those giant drink-your-bodyweight-in-caffeine mugs that you find in coffee shops, but it can easily be resized for smaller ones too.

Grab some leftover chunky yarn, a couple of buttons from your stash and a pair of 5mm needles, and you can whip one up in an evening. It’s a perfect quick knit.

Download the PDF at Full of Beans, or follow the instructions below. Happy knitting!

1 x 100g / 105m ball of chunky / bulky weight yarn (the cosy pictured uses Artesano British Wool) A pair of 5mm / US 8 needles
A cable needle
2 x 2cm diameter buttons
A tapestry needle

15 sts x 20 rows measures 10x10cm in stocking stitch

33cm wide x 9cm high

C6F slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work. Knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle, then 3 sts from cable needle
C6B slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold at back of work. Knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle, then 3 sts from cable needle
K knit
k2tog knit two stitches together
P purl
sts stitches
yo yarn over

Cast on 20 sts using 5mm needles.
Row 1 K2, P2, K12, P2, K2.
Row 2 and all even rows K4, P12, K4.
Row 3 K2, P2, C6F twice, P2, K2.
Row 5 K2, P2, K12, P2, K2.
Row 7 K2, P2, K3, C6B, K3, P2, K2.
Row 8 As row 2.

Repeat rows 1–8 until work measures 27cm or long enough to fit around mug, leaving a gap of about 1cm for the handle and ending on row 8 of pattern.

Row 1 Cast off 4 sts, K12, P2, K2.
Row 2 Cast off 4 sts, P12.
Row 3 C6F twice.
Row 4 P12.
Row 5 K12.
Row 6 P12.
Row 7 K3, C6B, K3.
Row 8 P12.
Buttonhole row K2tog, yo, K8, yo, k2tog.
Next row P12.
Cast off.

Attach two buttons to match buttonholes. Weave in all ends and block to measurements given.

Full of Beans mug cosy


Teal dear

My Bella’s Mittens are already off the needles and have been my constant companion on chilly January commutes. (Yes, having decided I’d be taking a break from knitting accessories this winter I promptly cast on some mittens. A smooshy skein of super-chunky Artesano British Wool in a shade of teal that goes perfectly with my tartan coat? Well how could I resist!)

Ah, wool. Fancy fibres and luxury blends are all very well, but when it comes down to it nothing compares to good old-fashioned unadulterated sheep.

SarahLouKnits Bella's Mittens


New beginnings

A new start for the new year. Or, at least, a mindful continuation of the old.

My resolutions? Less caffeine. More vegetables. Finish The West Wing. Start Great Expectations. Wrangle the WIPs and frog the unloved. Sing like no one’s listening. Go to bed on time.

Knit only – and I mean only – from stash.

So to begin the year as I mean to go on, my first project of 2015 is a pair of mittens in some gorgeously rugged Artesano British Wool that’s been languishing in my flat for far too long.

The yarn is a bright, beautiful teal colour, and was begging for some chunky cables to set it off. I chose Bella’s Mittens, and they’re knitting up like a dream.

SarahLouKnits Bella's Mittens