Fly the flag

I’ve taken a bit of a break from knitting recently to try and use up some of my other stash – fabric. What to make with scraps of quilting cotton left over from last year’s Christmas stitching, when you already have enough project bags to last a lifetime? Bunting, of course!


I found a tutorial at Glorious Treats and set to work with a simple triangle template cut out of an old cereal box. When I ran out of fabric for full triangles I went for patchwork ones instead, cutting out small squares and sewing them together.

Patchwork always seems intimidating, with its requirement of super-precise cutting, super-even seams and super-tidy stitching, but it turns out that if you ignore all that and just wing it, things can turn out looking ok in the end! After all, as I keep telling myself, no-one’s going to take a tape measure to your FO.


One happy day at the sewing machine, four metres of bunting and a bit more space in the stash. Perfect. All I need now is somewhere to hang it…