Home sweet home

Where has the year gone? I stopped paying attention for a few moments and suddenly the high street is covered in fairy lights and Noddy Holder is shouting “It’s Christmaaas!” in every shop I go into.

We’ve finally moved in to our new house, unpacked (well, almost) and made the obligatory ‘buy all the stuff!’ trip to Ikea – and now I can start thinking about the important things. Like where to put my yarn stash.

My parents kindly brought us some old furniture to use in the spare bedroom, and I’m thrilled to move my knitting paraphernalia from under the bed to its very own little crafting nook. My yarn is going up in the world!

I swapped out the old handles for these adorable floral ones from Tiger (have you been to Tiger? It’s a treasure trove of budget-friendly Scandi awesomeness), and it’s given a tired cupboard a new lease of life.


Inside, the shelves are the perfect size for my yarn boxes, and there’s even room for some other bits and bobs too.

Stash 2015

And now I can get to my yarn more easily, I have no excuse for not using it up…