Off the hook: Summer Garden blanket

This is one well-travelled blanket. My constant commuting companion during the early months of last year, it grew at a ridiculous pace at first, then I realised how much making up I’d have to do and kind of ground to a halt…

But I got there in the end.


I followed Lucy at Attic 24’s tutorial on joining granny squares, which is so well written – really clear and easy to follow. As you’re crocheting rather than sewing the squares together it doesn’t really feel like making up, either, which is always a bonus!

Summer Garden

The blanket is now at its new home with my friends and their baby, and I hope it has lots more travelling to come.


Square eyes

Well, that escalated quickly.

One minute I’m making my first bobble stitch and getting into the swing of treble clusters, the next there are granny squares turning up all over the place – in my purse, on the coffee table, in project bags that were supposed to contain other things entirely…

I’m up to 32 and counting, and given that I was aiming for a baby blanket and not a king-size afghan, it may be time to stop.

Just one more? Oh, go on then.

SarahLouKnits Summer Garden


Hooked on granny squares

SarahLouKnits Summer Garden

Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Wherever the words ‘granny’ and ‘square’ appear, the words ‘addiction’ and ‘obsession’  are never far behind. And for good reason – these little squares are just so satisfying!

I’d been looking for a use for my Sirdar Summer Stripes for a long time – what on Earth to make with 11 balls of variegated yarn, each in a different colourway? After a bit of swatching I discovered that the colour changes are long enough to allow each ball to be rewound into lots of small nearly-solid skeins. Perfect!

As for the pattern, it had to be something from Lucy at Attic24. I’m pretty new to crochet, and her walkthroughs are really clear and simple, ideal for a beginner. My Summer Garden blanket is on the hook, and I’m down the rabbit hole…